Program Overview

We recognize that business success involves building long term

relationships with our partners. Therefore, we have designed an affiliate program that rewards our partners for referring their users to register and use Liquidity Services, Inc.’s online marketplace –, to buy or sell surplus. Our affiliate partners have the opportunity to receive a commission generated from successful transactions completed by each user they refer to the marketplace in addition to paying for each unique bid generated. There is no up front investment and you are not required to purchase any products or inventory to participate.

We reserve the right to implement fraud-prevention techniques to our affiliate platform. See below for information about our referral fee structure.


$1 for each unique bid

$25 for each buyer transaction

$25 for each seller transaction

Join in 3 Easy Steps

Select Commission Junction as your program platform and click

“Join Now.” After you submit your application, Commission Junction will send you an email with instructions on getting started.

Affiliate Registration

  1. Visit in the affiliate network site to find banners and text links, as well as to run reports to track statistics.
  2. Grow your affiliate program strategy using our Web site to earn generous commission checks each month as an affiliate!

All of your affiliate activity is tracked through our Affiliate Program.