Earn your revenue through the Absolute Agency Partner Program. Up to $1.7 per unique click! Once you are accepted as a Partner Host site, you will start earning cash for 100% of your available advertising space — guaranteed! If you are looking to take advantage of some unsold advertising space, Partner Program is your answer.

Cost-per-Click Model

  You will be paid for visitors (clicks through your website), not for impressions or page views. As a member of Partner Program, you are paid each time a user on your site clicks on one of our banners. To get started, simply cut and paste a few lines of basic HTML code into each page on which you wish to display a banner, and you’re up and running.

Partner Program benefits include:

  Guaranteed revenue for 100% of your traffic
Up to $1.7 per unique click (see the pay scale)
No commitment or exclusivity required; no fee to join
Real-time reporting of your impressions and click-throughs

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